Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making Paninis - Tips from Kraft Foods

  1. Skip the mess and use a cutting board as your work surface for panini creations. Any spilled ingredients easily can be thrown away, and you can cut and serve quickly after heating.
  2. Italian bread and sourdough bread are both great options for paninis. These varieties are hearty enough to hold ingredients together while heating.
  3. Roasted tomatoes are a classic panini ingredient. If you don't have the jar variety, make your own by roasting tomatoes in the oven and adding a little balsamic dressing. Faster than you can say "panini", you've got a classic Italian sandwich!
  4. Store olive oil in a plastic squirt bottle to quickly squirt a small amount on sandwiches before placing them in your panini maker.
  5. Alternating layers of meats, cheeses and other ingredients work best in keeping heated sandwiches intact and easy to eat. To keep too much cheese from melting out of the sandwich, slice cheese into strips to layer between meats and veggies.
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